نمونه سوالات آزمون تافل

1. Nothing could ever abash him A) please (B) delight C) embarrass D) infuriate 2. The doctor gave him some medicine to abate his pain A) increase B) reduce C) augment (D) revive

3. The king abdicated the throne in order to marry a commoner
A) grabbed (B) usurped C) abandoned D) retained

4. A rich kid was abducted yesterday.
A) rescued (B) kidnapped C) killed (D) betrayed

5. The young man stole the money in a moment of aberration
A) deviation B) conformity (C) anecdote (D) sanity

6. We abhor a traitor
A) admire (B) scorn C) respect (D) revere

7. A good citizen abides by law
A) violates (B) removes (C) shifts (D) adheres to

8. We don't force anyone to abjure his religion.
A) adopt (B) give up C) cherish (D) abduct

9. Grace has abominable taste in clothes
A) graceful (B) detestable C) delightful (D) classy

10. His garden abounds in beautiful flowers.
A) teems with (B) lacks (C) abhors (D) abdicates

11. They voted to adjourn the meeting.
A) further (B) advance (C) expedite (D) postpone

12. John admonished his brother against being late.
A) tolerated (B) commended (C) warned (D) approved

13. We all adore Charlie Brown.
A) execrate (B) loathe (C) abominate (D) love

14. Robin Hood was said to wear a hat adorned with feathers.
A) embellished (B) disfigured (C) spoiled (D) maladjusted

15. The workman is adroit in handling machinery.
A) green (B) dexterous ; skilled (C) awkward (D) clumsy

16. The politician enjoys public adulation.
A) flattery (B) abuse (C) denunciation (D) reverence

17. The advent of spring makes the birds hilarious.
A) detriment (B) arrival (C) benediction (D) joviality

18. A courageous man smiles in the face of adversity.
A) misfortune ; distress (B) felicity (C) affluence (D) feat

19. Some parents advocate keeping the children at school as long as possible.
A) disfavor (B) dissent (C) recommend (D) advert

20. An affable countenance is pleasing to everybody.
A) avaricious (B) surly (C) taciturn (D) amiable

21. It never pays off to abrogate the defense treaty
A) establish (B) uphold (C) annul (D) bolster

22. Beware of the abrupt turn in the road ahead
A) laggard (B) easy (C) sudden (D) leisurely

23. The doctor advised the patient to abstain from smoking
A) do without (B) be absorbed in (C) go with (D) admit of

24. No one could solve such an abstruse problem
A) complex (B) lucid (C) abstemious (D) absurd

25. Defeated, the ex-champion fell into the abyss of despair
A) firmament (B) ecstasy (C) gulf (D) paradise

26. To accelerate growth, they work harder than ever
A) speed up (B) retard (C) accede (D) hamper

27. Without an accomplice the burglar could not have broken into the house
A) foe (B) confederate (C) servant (D) trivia

28. The gentleman was accosted by a beggar who demanded money
A) greeted (B) overlooked (C) shunned (D) outraged

29. The manager has reached the acme of his career
A) ebb (B) apex ; peak (C) base (D) downfall

30. All the members acquiesced in his resignation
A) assented to (B) disagreed with (C) balked at (D) dissented from

31. Are we living in an acquisitive society ?
(A) charitable (B) self-denying (C) greedy ; covetous (D developed

32. The tonic had an acrid aftertaste
A) palatable (B) delicious (C) savory (D) bitter

33. The dispute was renewed with increasing acrimony
A) civility (B) bitterness (C) urbanity (D) curiosity

34. The merchant is noted for his business acumen
A) keenness (B) honesty (C) stupidity (D) obtusity

35. A bad tooth may cause acute pain
A) blunt (B) sharp (C) dull (D) obtuse

36. According to an old adage on Wall Street, the stock market can deal with good news and bad, but it cannot tackle uncertainty
A) saying ; proverb (B) time (C) novice (D) neophyte

37. The stoic was adamant to temptations
A) unyielding (B) pliable (C) bending (D) vulnerable

38. The boy is addicted to stealing
A) given up (B) weaned from (C) detached from (D) adapted to

39. The reporter is adept in news writing
A) poor (B) skilled (C) maladroit (D) numb

40. The brothers built on adjacent lots
A) distant (B) remote (C) neighboring (D) permanent

41.The gambler was afflicted with debts.
A) consoled (B) agonized (C) buoyed (D) solace

42. America is an affluent nation.
A) abject (B) impoverished (C) acquisitive (D) wealthy

43. The boy affronted the teacher by making a face at her.
A) impressed (B) offended (C) delighted (D) gladdened

44. All he desired was to aggrandize his estate.
A) expand (B) diminish (C) dwindle (D) swindle

45. Grief aggravated her illness.
A) appeased (B) tranquilized (C) extenuated (D) intensified

46. The ill-intentioned aggregation was dispersed by the police.
A) gathering (B) disintegration (C) solo (D) constituent

47. The new teacher stood aghast at the students' lack of discipline.
A) acceptant (B) tolerant (C) lenient (D) horrified

48. One needs an agile mind to solve the puzzles.
A) lively (B) sluggish (C) lethargic (D) inert

49. The mind of man is agitated by various emotions.
A) lulled (B) quieted (C) soothed (D) provoked

50. Will Durant is an agnostic.
A) deist (B) pagan (C) ascetic (D) one who believes that nothing is known about the existence of God

51. The patient is in agony.
A) suffering (B) repose (C) rest (D) peace

52. Sometimes agrarian disputes are hard to settle.
A) industrial (B) political (C) of land (D) academic

53. It's simply a minor ailment.
A) mistake (B) blunder (C) question (D) disease

54. Pity is often akin to love.
A) related to (B) different from (C) alien to (D) foreign to

55. The retarded child moved with alacrity.
A) quickness (B) slowness (C) hesitation (D) dilatoriness

56. The dog is always alert.
A) listless (B) lively (C) languid (D) indolent

57. The troops aligned.
A) attacked (B) retreated (C) triumphed (D) lined up

58. Her fears were allayed by her mother's consolation.
A) aggravated (B) worsened (C) mitigated (D) aroused

59. To become a citizen, you must swear allegiance to the United States5
A) disaffection (B) treason (C) loyalty (D) infidelity

60. Heat often alleviates pain.
A) intensifies (B) augments (C) cures (D) mitigates

61.Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc.
(A)fission    (B)fuss    (C)separation    (D)mixture   
62.Rewards allure men to confront danger.
(A) elude    (B) attract    (C) allude    (D) estrange   
63.We heard some remarks in allusion to his misconduct.
(A) slight mention    (B)illusion    (C)praise    (D)ailment   
64.The plane is flying at a great altitude.
(A) speed    (B) alacrity    (C) stability    (D) height   
65.To give away alms is an altruistic deed.
(A)selfish    (B)egoistic    (C)niggardly    (D)charitable   
66.To amble along the willow bank is an incomparable delight.
(A)alight    (B)gallop    (C)joy    (D)saunter   
67.The government is trying to ameliorate workers' condition.
(A)impair    (B)improve    (C)mar    (D)deteriorate   
68.The amenity of his manners is irresistible.
(A)    hostility    (B)agreeableness    (C)antagonism  (D)amigo   
69.The meeting ended on an amiable note.
(A)surly    (B)crabbed    (C)impetuous    (D)agreeable   
70.The negotiators joined in amicable discussion.
(A)bellicose    (B)belligerent    (C)pugnacious    (D)friendly   


1C 2B 3C 4B 5A 6B 7D 8B 9B 10A

11D 12C 13D 14A 15B 16A 17B 18A 19C 20D

21C 22C 23A 24A 25C 26A 27B 28A 29B 30A

31C 32D 33B 34A 35B 36A 37A 38A 39B 40C

41B 42D 43B 44A 45D 46A 47D 48A 49D 50D

51A 52C 53D 54A 55A 56B 57D 58C 59C 60D

61D 62B 63A 64D 65D 66D 67B 68B 69D 70D